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Tube Cutting Facilities

  • – 3 Adige BLM Tube Lasers
  • – 1 Mazak Fabrigear (6 axis tube/section laser)
  • – 9 meters max cutting length

Flat Bed Cutting Facilities

  • – 6kW Flat Bed Laser (4m x 2m cutting bed)
  • – 4kW Flat Bed Laser (3m x 1.5m cutting bed)
  • – 4m x 2m x 20mm Max Cutting
  • – 3 metre Press Brake
  • – 6 more laser cutting machines in group

Tube Cutting Capabilities

round tube cutting

Round Tube and Hollow Section

Min: 16mm Ø
Max: 273mm Ø

square tube cutting

Square Tubes

Min: 16mm x 16mm
Max: 200mm x 200mm

rectangular tube cutting

Rectangular Tubes

Min: 20mm x 15mm
Max: 250mm x 150mm

oval tube cutting

Oval/Elliptical Tubes

Min: 32mm x 17mm
Max: 250mm x 125mm

pfc channel cutting

PFC Channel

Min: 50mm x 25mm
Max: 300mm x 100mm

universal beam cutting

Universal Beams

Min: 127mm x 76mm (13kg)
Max: 254mm x 146mm (43kg)

rsa angle cutting

RSA Angle

Min: 25mm x 25mm x 3mm
Max: 200mm x 200mm x 12mm

Material Stock

As dedicated sub contractors serving a variety of industries we are as happy processing your own free issue material as we are with complete supply.

Many materials are held in stock but can equally be sourced and purchased mill direct (which is often the case for our tubular clients) and held in stock against your specific project or be purely processed by use from your own free issue material. Our flexible approach allows you the latitude and choice to work just the way that suits you best.

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