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Your Partner in Production Since 1981 A family run business providing quality and customer focused sheet, tube and open section laser cutting services throughout the UK. YOUR PARTNER IN PRODUCTION Bevel & Countersink Flowdrill & Tapping Metal Forming Waterjet Cutting Smart Design Production Sheet Laser Cutting Tube Laser Cutting

0114 242 0101 Why Choose The Laser Cutting Co? With quality driving everything we do, our customers know their requirements will be met on time with quality assured as standard. We are CE Marking Level 3 certified and hold the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance accreditation to ensure no project is out of our capabilities. Experience Over 40 years’ experience of tube design and laser cutting makes us the only logical choice of production partner. Capacity With 7x flatbed laser with a 6mx2.5m bed size and 2x tube laser machines onsite, we produce parts correct and on time, every time. Quality Accreditations include ISO 9001 with CE marking BS EN 1090 (Level 3), ensuring quality with the aftersales support to match. 40 YEARS

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Servicing various industries all over the UK, from complex one-off jobs to vast numbers of precision parts, our capacity and expertise ensure orders are correct and on time, every time on all projects. Superior Capacity 7x flatbed lasers running 24/7. Cutting Capabilities 4m x 2m cutting bed with access in group to a 6m x 2.5m cutting bed. Multi Material Cutting Large in house stock with a reliable and robust supplier network.

Materials we Laser Cut Stainless Steel Mild/Carbon Steels Aluminium Nickel Alloys Copper Brass Bronze Titanium Tolerance Sheet Size Profiling tolerance +/-0.12mm to +/-0.25mm Maximum Thickness (mm) 50mm Our lasers work to a thickness tolerance in accordance with BS EN 10051:2010 and a flatness tolerance in accordance with BS EN 10029:1991 50mm 40mm 25mm 20mm 20mm 20mm 10mm 4000mmx 2000mm 2 x ByStar 10kw 1xByStar20kw 1 x Mazak Optiplex 4020 1 x Trumpf 5040 10kw 6000mmx 2500mm 1 x ByStar 15kw 0114 242 0101

Tube Laser Cutting Precise, high-quality tube laser cutting service with rapid lead times and competitive prices. Ideal for high volume and high complexity projects to a tolerance of +-0.25mm. Key Benefits Experience Over 40 years’ laser profiling experience using the latest cutting technologies. Our investments, your benefit. Efficiency CNC fibre laser cutting machines operate 24-hours a day for rapid lead times at competitive prices. Quality ISO9001 and BS/EN 1090-1 accredited service delivers reliable quality on the largest and most complex projects. Versatility and Capacity Multiple 6 axis lasers cutting profiles up to 400mm diameter puts us at the forefront of tube laser cutting.

Tube and Section we Laser Cut PFC Channel 254x146mm (43kg) 127x76mm (13kg) 406mm Ø 12mm Ø 300x300mm 12x12mm Maximum (mm) Minimum (mm) 300x300mm 50x25mm Rectangular & Square Tubes Maximum (mm) Minimum (mm) Round Tube & Pipe Maximum (mm) Minimum (mm) Universal Beams Maximum (mm) Minimum (mm) 254x254x15mm 25x25x3mm RSA Angle Maximum (mm) Minimum (mm) Mazak Fabrigear 3D 400 Maximum Part Length (mm) Maximum Load Length (mm) 8,000mm 12,200mm Trumpf TruLaser Tube 7000 Maximum Part Length (mm) Maximum Load Length (mm) 8,000mm 9,500mm Tube Plant List Additional specialist profile capabilities are available on request. Wall thickness 16mmMild Steel / 10mmStainless Steel / 6mmAluminium Wall thickness 10mmMild Steel / 6mmStainless Steel / 6mmAluminium 0114 242 0101

TLCC Smart Design Production Design with efficiency in mind. Reduce materials, reduce downstream processes and improve assembly times. Find cost savings of 50% to 85% with fully optimised part design. Fabrication time and cost reduced by 50% Faster fabrication and assembly Increased throughput and margins Key Benefits Self-jigging parts 50% reduction of post processing operations

Slot and Tag Our design team has the experience and capability to apply these principles throughout your project, ensuring the best possible production solution. Efficiency through Design Where traditional manufacturing techniques involve multiple processes, we can reduce the total number of parts and processes required. Complete parts are produced through a single stage of production therefore drastically reducing fabrication time. Single part produced instead of multiple parts and processes Part folds and self-jigs to ensure an accuracy of +-0.25mm 1 2 3 From raw material to finished part in one process reduces costs and increases speed of manufacture Techniques incorporated at early design stages Finished components assemble as per agreed drawing requirements Customer assembly self jigs to +- 0.25mm ready for fabrication 1 2 3 0114 242 0101

Flowdrill and Tapping Flowdrilling provides an innovative, more reliable, and cost-efficient connection alternative to traditional fastening methods such as rivet, insert and weld nuts. As a key element of our Smart Design Production, our lasers have built in Flowdrill and tapping capability so raw materials are turned into finished parts in one swift process. This saves time and money for you through accurate parts on a short lead time. Additional Strength Stronger fixing using existing material available. Risk Reduction No risk of spinning or breaking, either at tapping stage or completed part/product. Production Time & Cost Reduction Production time and costs reduced by over 50% No Waste By utilising existing materials, waste is eliminated. Increased Accuracy Complete accuracy to a laser cutting tolerance of +-0.25mm. Key Benefits

Pressing Pressing immediately follows the cutting process in most sheet metal production lines. Our in house machines ensure your parts adhere to the same rigorous quality standards as our cutting, providing accurate and reliable part delivery for projects of all sizes, from one offs to large batch runs. Extensive Tooling Options 3,100mm width, 150-tonne capacity with extensive tooling library. Procurement From sourcing material at competitive prices, through to cutting and pressing, we make procuring parts for your project easy. In House Design Backed up by an in-house design team and a strong partner network for larger press work, we can help you from design to reality. Reliable Repeatability Investing in the latest machinery and software ensures every part is correct for projects of all sizes. Key Benefits 1500kN 3100mm 450mm 840mm 400kN 1030mm 200mm 515mm 1300kN 3000mm 300mm 280mm Xpert Pro 150/3100 Xpert 40 Trumpf Trumabend v130 Tonnage Bending Length Standard Stroke Open Height 0114 242 0101

Open Section Cutting TLCC tube laser cutting service includes all major and specialist section profiles up to 8m. Take advantage of in-process bevel and countersink cutting, FlowDrill and tapping. Receive your order fast and fully weld prepped. Angles V Shapes Joists PFC (Parallel Flange Channels) RSA (Rolled Steel Angles) Universal Beams

Waterjet Cutting Waterjet can cut almost any material up to 9m x 4m. Delivering incredible accuracy for high volume and high complexity projects with burr-free edges and no heat affected zone (HAZ). 0114 242 0101 No Thermal Stress No thermal stress, heat affected zones or burring allowing for intricate and accurate designs. Multiheaded Machines large capacity through 3 multiheaded machines High Cutting Tolerance Cutting Tolerance of +/- 0.25mm on the top face with a maximum 1º draft angle. Large Scale Cutting Beds Capable of cutting parts up to 9m x 4m in size, ensuring industry leading capacity.

Bevel and Countersink Apply 45° bevels and countersinks of any size, on both outer and inner contours. Eliminate the need for time-consuming weld prep with in-process weld seam preparation. All-in-one profiling, countersinking and weldprep bevel cutting Finished parts arrive ready for fabrication High volume capacity Time and cost savings achieved through reduced process operations

Take advantage of laser technology precision and downstream efficiencies with outsourced laser cutting services. TLCC offer an all-in-one profiling service, from design to delivery. Benefit from aggregated buying prices and in-house design capabilities. TLCC services offer significant cost savings in fabrication and assembly time across a range of materials. Our investments, your benefit. YOUR PARTNER IN PRODUCTION The Laser Cutting Co. Ltd 58 - 64 Catley Road • Sheffield • S9 5JF 0114 242 0101 Versatile sister company fully ISO9001 and CE Marking level 4 accredited. Flame Cutting Waterjet Cutting Shot Blasting Laser Etching and Engraving Deburring and Vibra-deburring In Group Additional Services YOUR PARTNER IN PRODUCTION ECONOMY THROUGH TECHNOLOGY