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Laser Tube Cutting

    Precise laser tube and box cutting with state of the art facilities.

6 Axis Laser

    Our highly versatile 6 axis laser cutter can cut tube, box and section.

Open Section Cutting

    Beams, channels and other section profiles.

Sheet Laser Cutting

    Improving client downstream savings with 4m x 2m 6kW laser cutting.

Post Cutting Services & Additional Operations

The Laser Cutting co is pleased to announce an enhanced range of added value processes that will be of significant value to our customer projects and the materials processed. Our service extends to more than just a pure laser cutting facility and can include a range of in house and resourced services to complement our laser tube cutting and open section cutting services. Our post cutting services can help reduce your costs and lead time. Please let us know if you require any of these services.

Added value Services include, In-house bending (up to 130 tonnes), Drilling and Countersinking, Tapping, Sub assembly, Welding, Light Fabrication, Polishing, Powder Coating, Painting and Plating. We can offer a high level of project management, estimating and job costing services for your project. We were founded in 1981 and have evolved our processes around your requirements allowing us to provide state of the art facilities, cutting methods and rapid nationwide deliveries. Regardless of your requirement, if you need something cut, we can probably help. Our 4 different cutting methods allows us to profile virtually any material in thicknesses up to 230mm.

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