Who ever said beauty was only skin deep…

With a wealth of industry leading experience spanning a wide variety of sectors, some projects can be that much more satisfying.

This particular project saw our in house design team support our customer in creating a complex yet rigid internal chassis to re-build the beautiful Porcshe 908.

One of the key challenges for this project was the preparation in design and accuracy needed to ensure all tube section parts fit together perfectly, resulting in an equally perfectly balanced chassis. With little to no margin for error TLCC were able to support 3D modelling of the chassis to the customer’s (John Wisher’s), given specifications and laser cut the parts within a tolerance of 0.25mm.

This is one of several chassis kits The Laser Cutting Co has been delighted to be a part of and a great example of how our customer’s needs are at the forefront of everything we do, regardless of the project’s nature, scale or market sector.

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