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Angle, Channel and Open Profile Laser Cutting

Open Section Cutting

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The Laser Cutting Company are able to offer an impressive range of laser cut open sections to compliment our already impressive 3D laser tube cutting and multi-axis cutting services.

Utilising our 3 BLM and Mazak Fabrigear laser cutting machines, we can offer complex laser cutting techniques on a wide range of open profiles and 3D sections, including:

  • Angles
  • V Shapes
  • Joists
  • PFC (Parallel Flange Channels)
  • RSA (Rolled Steel Angles)
  • Universal Beams

With many of the profiles listed above commonly found within the construction industry, we can also provide CE Marked laser cut structural steel that meets all EU legislation set out in BS EN 1090-1.

The automatic feeders of our 3D laser cutters allow us to accept tube, hollow and structural sections up to 8 metres in length. Coupled with the automation allowed by our extremely accurate, pre-programmed CNC laser cutting systems, we’re able to operate in 24/7 lights out production which enables extremely quick turn around as well as additional cost saving benefits which are passed on to our customers.

To compliment our laser cut beams, angles and channel, we can also provide flatbed CNC laser cutting services, enabling us to fulfil all your laser cutting requirements under one roof. Saving costs and reducing lead times.

We can also provide our customers with highly versatile 5-axis laser cutting on a range of angles, channels and structural beams with the ability of producing bevel cuts and time saving weld preps along with other intricate cutting procedures that other laser cutting service providers can’t replicate.

The Mazak FabriGear 300 open section laser cutting machine offers:

  • Max cutting length – 8m
  • Up to 200mm square tube (or any one side rectangular tube)
  • Up to 267mm round hollow section
  • Can cut beveled contours up to 60o
  • Complex contour cuts
  • Process complex hollow tubes, angles and beam shapes
  • Common box, tube and open profiles handled:

Common tubes, pipes and beam profiles

Mazak FabriGear 300 6-Axis Laser Cutting

Laser cut angle
Laser cut beams
6-axis laser cutting
Laser cut open section I beam

Channel, Angle and Beam Laser Cutting Capabilities

pfc channel cutting

PFC Channel Laser Cutting Capacity

Min: 50mm x 25mm
Max: 300mm x 100mm

universal beam cutting

Universal Beams Laser Cutting Capacity

Min: 127mm x 76mm (13kg)
Max: 254mm x 146mm (43kg)

rsa angle cutting

RSA Angle Laser Cutting Capacity

Min: 25mm x 25mm x 3mm
Max: 200mm x 200mm x 12mm

Why Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting tube and sheet is cheaper, faster and more repeatable than other cutting and profiling methods, it is also suitable for both one off and large production runs.

Laser cutting removes the need for multiple operations. Traditional cutting methods such as slotting, punching, mitre cutting and drilling can be combined to a single process. Instantly reducing your manufacturing costs and lead time.

Having all these processes available under one roof allows us to be a one-stop shop for all your laser cutting, profiling and metal fabrication requirements.

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