Shot Blasting Services

Shot Blasting Services - The Laser Cutting Company

Quality Industrial Shot Blasting & Surface Preparation Services

Here at The Laser Cutting Co., we’re proud to boast over 40 years of direct industry experience; providing some of the very best in metal profiling and laser cutting solutions. Offering our shot blasting services both on-site and off-site via our trusted partner network, our team of professionals are able to advise on the best solution for finishing your oversized parts so they are fully prepared for your next stage of production.

Hosting a range of unique benefits, shot blasting is a metal cleaning process commonly utilised to remove oxides and debris from a material’s surface. To achieve various finishes and improve bonding, different-sized particles are used to descale, mattify, and remove residual stresses in casting, forging, and welding processes.

On-Site and Off-Site Shot Blasting Services Via Our Trusted Partner Network

As industry professionals with several decades of experience, we understand more than most that appropriate surface preparation is essential for the longevity and quality of subsequent coating, treatments, and finishing processes. With an excellent eye for detail and an expansive skillset, our team of experts are able to accurately assess your project, and suggest the appropriate solution to achieve your desired surface profile. 

After assessing your shot blasting requirements, including the size of your parts and desired finish, we may recommend our in-house shot blasting services (capable of up to 1 cubic meter), or refer you to our trusted partner network for industrial shot blasting, where the complexity of your parts, quantities, size, and weight is of importance; no matter your project, we here at The Laser Cutting Co. can provide the perfect solution for shot blast parts.

Benefits of Shot Blasting

Commonly used in industries such as construction, automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing, shot blasting has a range of benefits, some of which include:

Shot Blasting Services - The Laser Cutting Company

Environmentally Friendly Shot Blasting Services by The Laser Cutting Co.

Shot blasting is considered to be a more environmentally friendly surface preparation method compared to traditional methods such as chemical stripping or sandblasting, as it generates less waste and does not require the use of harmful and non-eco-friendly chemicals; resulting in a significantly reduced environmental impact.

At The Laser Cutting Co., we always endeavour to reduce our environmental footprint wherever possible, and always ensure that any shot particles used on-site are automatically recycled back into the system to avoid unnecessary waste.

The Laser Cutting Co.’s In-House Services

  • 3D and tube laser cutting
  • Large and open section cutting
  • 2D flatbed laser cutting
  • Smart design service
  • Flow drilling
  • Waterjet cutting
  • Flame cutting
  • Weld preps
  • Profile bending
Shot Blasting Services - The Laser Cutting Company
Shot Blasting Services - The Laser Cutting Company

Quality Assurance

The Laser Cutting Co.’s Quality Guarantee

Offering the highest quality standards with impeccable post-sales support.

Our Factory Production Controls are in accordance with legally enforceable construction product regulation BS EN 1090 – Level 3, allowing intricate cutting of construction regulation profiles.

Certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 for all profiling requirements.