Solidworks 3D CAD Now Benefitting Customers

The Laser Cutting Co is pleased to announce an investment in Solid Works 3D CAD software for improved project simulation, product data management, mechanical design reduction in quote generation and project fulfilment lead time. The new Solidworks software system allows us to fastrack your designs through to manufacturing. We offer higher levels of simplicity for the most complex projects than at any time before and look forward to your next engineering challenge. Send us over your designs and project files so we can offer the “optimum” laser cut proposal for your box, tube, beam and interchangeable combinations for different profiles.

Our latest development at The Laser Cutting Co provide several key capabilities to help meet your manufacturing challenges including design for Cost and cost estimation. In addition the automation of project estimates of part manufacturing costs using built-in cost templates is a primary function. The system also allows for design for manufacturability, which will see significant gains in lead time reduction. One of the inbuilt tools allows for the comparison of documents and files to graphically see differences between different versions of parts and drawings parts and drawings including draft undercut, wall thickness checks and automatic box section, tube and other metal flat patterns.

The new system will also allow for a complete elimination of interferences and misalignments with automatic interference detection, hole alignment checks and many other possible scenarios. An improved data output to manufacturing – 3D output for hole charts, weld tables, cut lists, punch tables and pipe bending data is also now in place. Our customers are already seeing the benefits of this new investment and we will see major gains into 2016 and beyond with this technology.