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Laser Tube Cutting

    Precise laser tube and box cutting with state of the art facilities.

6 Axis Laser

    Our highly versatile 6 axis laser cutter can cut tube, box and section.

Open Section Cutting

    Beams, channels and other section profiles.

Sheet Laser Cutting

    Improving client downstream savings with 4m x 2m 6kW laser cutting.

Laser Tube Cutting

The Laser Cutting Company is able to offer precise, sub-contract laser tube cutting services for a wide range of industries. By utilising our multi-million pound state-of-the-art processing facilities, we offer a competitive and cost effective cutting solution for all your tube, box and hollow section cutting requirements.

Having recently made major investments in brand new laser cutting machines, we now boast an impressive collection of 2 BLM Adige tube lasers and 1 Mazak Fabrigear 400 CNC machines. Our continuous investment allows us to ensure the best possible lead time for our customers as well as being able to pass on the cost saving benefits of utilising the latest in laser cutting technology and automation.

Offering 3 dedicated laser box, tube and hollow section cutting machines – which operate around the clock – we are confident we can satisfy your manufacturing requirements with our capability and capacity.

Compared to conventional processes such as sawing, drilling and milling, innovative features implemented during the design stage, laser tube cutting can result in a reduction of manufacturing costs and lead times for our clients. Find out how simple design changes such as slotting, tagging and marking can save you time and money.

Our tube and box laser cutting machines can process highly complex shapes including mitre cut, cod mouth, and special profiles. Offering a quick, precise and effective solution at a fraction of traditional fabrication costs.

What sets tube laser cutting apart from other cutting methods is the ability for it to easily switch between large batch processes and one-off prototype cutting. Regardless of the size of your requirement, we provide services to suit all customers.

Examples of tube and hollow-section profiles

Our 3 dedicated laser tube cutting machines, coupled with our 6-axis cutting machine, enables us to cut almost any requirement including; rectangular, slot, square, circular, mitre cuts, cod mouths and special profiles. Due to our state-of-the-art facilities, no compromise needs to be made on design.


Laser Cut Tube Profiles
Laser cut round tubes
Large diameter laser cut tube
Slotting and tagging helps reduce time
Examples cuts laser cut box
The LT8 Laser Tube offers the following:
    • Max raw material length – 8.5m
    • Max outside dia. – 220mm
    • 5,000kg capacity automatic bundle loader
    • 45 degree tilting laser head

Adige LT8 LaserTube

The BLM Adige LT702 offers the following:
    • Max raw material length – 6m
    • Weight capacity 15KG per metre.
    • Max outside dia. – 120mm
    • One of 4 tube machines

BLM Adige Lasertube

Tube Cutting Capabilities

round tube cutting
Round Tubes and Hollow Section Cutting Capacity
Min: 16mm Ø
Max: 406mm Ø
square tube cutting
Square Tubes and Box Cutting Capacity
Min: 16mm x 16mm
Max: 300mm x 300mm
rectangular tube cutting
Rectangular Tubes Cutting Capacity
Min: 20mm x 15mm
Max: 300mm x 200mm
Through our skilled Design Engineering and Programming teams, we can also offer complex slotting and tagging as well as mitering which means your tube assemblies can be manufactured without the need for welds!
See an example of multi mitering below, efficient innovation sees a 6 part assembly replaced with a single fab formed unit:
Turning your ideas into reality



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