Former Sheffield Hallam students design exclusive Made in Sheffield trophies

The winners of this month’s Made in Sheffield Awards will receive a trophy designed and produced by three former Sheffield Hallam University students.

The prestigious awards, which will reward companies that uphold the region’s tradition of manufacturing excellence, will be held at the Cutler’s Hall on 24 March.

The trophy is the brainchild of industrial design graduate Tom Fripp, who now runs Fripp Design and Research, based at the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Sheffield. He was supported by fellow graduates Neil Frewer and Lewis Green.

They were mentored by one of the country’s most acclaimed designers, senior lecturer Chris Knight.

Fripp said: “We were determined to make the design of this trophy a Sheffield creation from start to finish. The technical knowhow, together with the facilities and resources we used, were pure Sheffield.

“We wanted to make sure steel, which is so associated with the city, formed the centerpiece of the design.

“To make sure the production process was innovative the design utilised tubular laser cutting, a relatively new technique and to help we enlisted the only tubular laser cutting company in the region who are based in Sheffield.”

The trophy, which incorporates the Made in Sheffield logo, was commissioned by Charles Turner, chairman of the Made in Sheffield mark.

The awards are sponsored by Barber Harrison & Platt, Barclays Corporate, Creativesheffield, DLA Piper, Sheffield Hallam University and The P&A Partnership.

Original featured on Insider Media.