Save Time and Money with Laser Cutting

Taking advantage of our various BLM laser tube cutters and our Mazak 3-dimensional 5-axis laser cutter, we’re able to offer customers the facility to avoid or minimise separate processes such as sawing, milling, drilling and plasma cutting etc. which necessitates considerable movement and handling of material. Traditionally items can be handled 6 or 7 times, involving set-up at each operation. These labour intensive actions can now be achieved in one process.

Save Time and Money with Laser Cutting - The Laser Cutting Company For example, a tab and slot design can eliminate the need for expensive jigs. A mitre joint finished with a weld prep bevel not only reduces welding time but adds guaranteed accuracy and improves appearance, integrity and quality of your finished product.

Complex joint details are accurately cut for fit up and ease of assembly which can considerably reduce on-site delays. Production cut contours and bevels offer an exact fit on saddle joints and multiple intersecting pipes.

The minimal heat affected zone (HAZ) and our ability to cut a compound angles with an integral weld prep bevel gives you the best fit, first time – everytime, with the ultimate weld integrity. These more accurate parts are also ideal for robotic welding.

The Laser Cutting Co. relish getting involved with customers design process teams to add value and reduce costs, just a short meeting with us could save you thousands of pounds.

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